View Boston Observatory

Interactive Exhibits

  • Float4 designed, produced and delivered an accessible series of interactive media exhibits for View Boston, the new observatory located atop the iconic Prudential Tower in Boston, MA.

    We designed the exhibits to elevate the traditional observation deck experience and to serve as primary storytelling tools. They enable guests to view Boston from unexpected perspectives and build their custom itineraries of must-visit locations around the city.

    ViewPrint Microsite

    One of the key features of the project is the ViewPrint microsite which seamlessly connects the entire experience. Through their tickets, guests can scan and save landmarks they encounter throughout their View Boston journey to their personal ViewPrint. 

    Entry Experience

    Float4 produced eight exhibits for View Boston designed to captivate and engage visitors at every stage. Upon arrival, the Pre-Show introduces them to ViewPrint before they experience the inspiring content of the Immersive Elevators.

    Virtual Viewers

    Once on the 52nd floor, visitors can swivel the Virtual Viewers to explore Boston’s neighbourhoods through interactive 360-degree digitally augmented panoramic views where information is highlighted with colourful graphics. Low-vision guests also have the opportunity to add to their ViewPrint by engaging with and scanning the four bronze tactile models of key Boston landmarks developed by FrankNDesign. 

    Explore Boston

    Next, the journey continues on the 50th floor with the interactive Explore Boston exhibit featuring 14 LED touch screens that invite visitors to learn about the city’s diverse history by exploring over 350 landmarks and points of interest. Explore Boston also features mini interactive games for kids. 

    Theatre Posters

    Furthermore, emphasizing the cinematographic aspect of the Theater Posters installation, a selection of twelve Boston landmarks chosen from the adjacent theater are presented to visitors as iconic posters created by renowned illustrator and graphic novelist Pascal Blanchet. 

    Finale Kiosks

    Lastly, when visitors scan their tickets at the Finale Kiosks they are given a personalized moniker and receive their own curated ViewPrint itinerary created using a custom recommendation algorithm that groups points of interest based on proximity, popularity, and landmark selections. The ticket scans also launch generative content on the Finale Mosaic Wall which features an animation for each visitor’s moniker.

    In parallel, Float4 developed the View Boston Audio Guide. This captivating adventure takes guests on a panoramic journey of Boston’s skyline, multimedia presentations, and interactive exhibits. With twenty-one chapters, the audio guide offers visitors new perspectives and unique experiences of the city.

  • Elevator Experience

    Elevator Experience

  • Virtual Viewers Experience

    Virtual Viewers Experience

  • Explore Boston Experience

    Explore Boston Experience

  • View Boston Observatory

  • View Boston Observatory

  • The Finale Experience

    The Finale Experience

  • Finale Mosaic Wall

    Finale Mosaic Wall

  • ViewPrint Application

    ViewPrint Application

  • Prudential Tower

    Prudential Tower