One World Observatory

Immersive Experience

  • Float4 designed, produced and integrated a new multimedia visitor experience at One World Observatory. Thus presenting a narrative voyage through the past, present, and future of New York City.

    Firstly, the Global Welcome Center of One World Observatory introduces guests to an interactive and data-driven visual installation on a high resolution LED display of monumental proportions. The content relies on a live data feed from the ticketing system to greet each visitor in their language of origin.

    Secondly, the Welcome Wall displays and celebrates the starting points for each visitors journey and is customizable for VIPs or special events.

    Then, the Reflection Screen gives visitors a birds eye view of One World Trade Center. This is done on a multi-faceted custom-built projection screen using stylized 3D content.

    The Horizon Grid is a digital mosaic of over 140 LCD displays. It presents a brief history of Lower Manhattan through a thoughtfully animated audiovisual journey. Therefore, the Grid introduces historic events and locations viewable from the observatory.

    Furthermore, the Portal Wall presents a contemporary view of the World Trade Center Plaza. This includes future developments such as 5 World Trade Center and the Perlman Center for the Arts.

    Lastly, we redesigned digital signage content for the box office and sales kiosks. These displays inform visitors of visibility conditions at the top in real time.

    Image credits: courtesy of One World Observatory.

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