St-Louis Aquarium

Interactive Bioluminescence

  • Moondog brought Float4 on to create engaging experiences at both the box office and in the bioluminescence hallway of the St-Louis Aquarium in St-Louis Missouri.

    One Ticket to Interactivity, Please

    Upon entry into the aquarium, visitors encounter a video wall installed directly above the ticket booth. The screen is designed to simulate an arrival board of a train station from a bygone era. It displays information pertinent to visitors, such as ticket prices, promotions, and other general information.

    Here, Float4 created pre-rendered and generative content for the video wall. We also built a CMS for seamless operator customization of the content displayed. The operator can therefore edit the information and also play videos or slideshows.

    Glow With the Flow

    The Bioluminescence hallway bridges the Ocean and the Deep Sea galleries of the St-Louis Aquarium. This interactive floor features two overlapping sections overlapping. One portion of the dark hallway's floor features a generative wave projection that mimics the effect of waves rolling in from right to left. The other portion features an interactive floor that uses motion sensors to light up a visitor's every step.

    The exhibit's goal is intended to spark curiosity and excitement, as the glowing steps recreate the effect of walking along a beach at night and witnessing the bioluminescent organisms that illuminate dark ocean waters.

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  • St-Louis Aquarium

  • St-Louis Aquarium

  • St-Louis Aquarium

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