QuintEssence at NRJ Spa Nordique

Multimedia Spectacle

  • QuintEssence was a multimedia, multi-sensory hydrotherapy nighttime spectacle, a unique digital experience that creates a symbiosis between the NRJ Spa Nordique’s services and customer senses.

    QuintEssence's theme, inspired by the five elements of nature, was conceived by NRJ Spa Nordique and developed & designed by Float4.

    NRJ Spa Nordique enlisted Float4 to integrate projection, video mapping, and lasers into the spa's natural scenery, which included a water fountain screen in the middle of Lac Sartigan.

    After examining the spa, its built and natural environment, and its clientele, Float4 identified sensory points to integrate a narrative digital show.

    Many of these technological concepts were a first in the thermal hospitality industry. Float4 collaborated with La Hacienda Creative for sound conception, and with Solotech and Laser Quantum for the laser shows. The result was a unique, fully automated and synchronized spa experience.

  • QuintEssence at NRJ Spa Nordique

  • QuintEssence at NRJ Spa Nordique